PPM zip files require business edition?

Posted by caesura2 on 2010-03-16 03:12
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I'm trying to download ActiveState Perl PPM packages as zip files for use in a local repository.

Looking at : http://docs.activestate.com/activeperl/5.10/faq/ActivePerl-faq2.html#zip...

I see that I can go to the zips directory :

 ... "As an alternate method for installing packages,
you can download zip files for the packages that
you need from http://ppm.activestate.com/PPMPackages/zips/. ..."

When I click on http://ppm.activestate.com/PPMPackages/zips/ it asks me for a username and password for the Business Edition.

I have :

Binary build 826 [290470] provided by ActiveState http://www.ActiveState.com
Built May 24 2009 09:21:05

On WinXP Pro.

Which is the free edition, as far as I know. Can anyone direct me to the set of free zips?

Also, the "Using PPM" documentation has this for ActiveState Perl for Windows :

To create a new, user-writable install area:


      Make a directory for the library. For example:

          mkdir -p ~/perl/lib


Thanks for any help, gratefully received.



caesura2 | Tue, 2010-03-16 06:29

Hi again,

I notice that there are very few of us in this community :) Judging by the number of replies in general.

Anyway, I don't know why I need Business Edition to download PPD files directly from ActiveState but here are repositories I found which actually contain PPD files to download (ie Save Link As... etc) - look for .zip or .ppd extensions :


These are referenced by this list : http://ppm4.activestate.com/ - then go to "Other Repositories", and click on Perl 5.8 for Windows. Not all links there work.

Hope that's helpful to someone!



ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2010-04-06 15:04

There's an open bug on fixing the FAQ page.

Once you get http://ppm4.activestate.com/
navigate to any of the modules-by-alphabetic-group pages. You'll see a column labeled PPMX. Those are download links to the ppmx files for the current releases by operating system. The logs column shows failed builds with a red box around the icon. Once you download it, a ppmx file is a gzipped archive and can be extracted and handled locally just like the older zip files could be.

You need a Business Edition license for the zip file archives because those really are for the older Business Edition releases. (And no, 826 is not a Community Edition Release any longer.)