PPM Profile with Perl 5.8.8

Posted by cuttsj on 2009-06-11 11:22
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows

I am looking to upgrade from Perl 5.8.8 to either Perl 5.8.9 or more likely Perl 5.10.0. Following the ActivePerl Installation Guide (http://docs.activestate.com/activeperl/5.10/install.html#upgrade)I installed PPM::Profile and attempted to run ppmprofile.

I got the following error message:
C:\Perl\site\bin/ppmprofile.bat save is not supported for PPM4 yet at C:\Perl\site\bin/ppmprofile.bat line 94.

So given that I have PPM4 how do I go about saving my profile of all the modules I've installed (numbering 256 currently)?

And who needs to update the Perl 5.10.0 Installation Guide to correctly instruct 5.8.8 users how to save their profiles?