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Posted by phi on 2009-02-26 07:43
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Please help me!!

Im wondering if anyone can help me with a problem i have with some perl modules.
My problem is:

I'm trying to connect remote host to a unix box from a windows machine. So i'm developing an application to do this.
I'm programming it in perl with tcl/tk Gui interface.
I'm having some trouble with the modules. Firstly i realize there are 2 ways to connect to the unix box. SSH1 and SSH2. I'm having trouble connecting both ways.

For a SSH1 connection i need to install the module Math-GMP?
And for SSH2 connection i need to install the module Math-Pari?

When i try to connect with SSH1, i get the error:
Can't locate Math/ in @INC (@INC contains:
And with SSH2 i get:
Can't locate Math/

For SSH2, i downloaded the pari-2.3.4.tar.gz, extracted to C:\

Then in Math-Pari, within the i pointed to
$paridir = "c:/pari-2.1.7";

But i still get an error here. The SSH2 way of connecting seems overcomplicated.

So i went back to SSH1, but i cannot find the location of GMP that works with SSH1.
I went to a website
and i downloaded gmp-4.2.4.tar.bz2, But i don't know how to install this on windows. I don't think i can.

ppm will not work for me. I'm using Perl Version : v5.10.0

So as you can see, i'm stuck, can anyone please assist me on what i should do next.
Thank you,


ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2009-03-25 09:42

If you have 64bit ActivePerl there is no GUI, but PPM will work for all versions of ActivePerl 5.10.

The two modules you are looking for are available here: