Perl Graphical Debugger Slow

Posted by bigreddg on 2011-02-24 13:16
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I am running Perl Scripts from a Solaris 10 environment to the graphical debugger on my local PC. I have the IP and ports properly configured on my local PC and I have set the appropriate environment variables within the UNIX shell.

When I invoke perl -d in UNIX, the debugger window comes up immediately, however, the code itself and the debugger functionality take a full 3 to 4 minutes to become available. I am not exaggerating here it doesn't seem like 3 or 4 minutes, it actually is that long.

Any ideas what this is all about?


ericp | Thu, 2011-02-24 14:26

Chances are, the time is being spent transmitting the
actual source code, but here's how you can determine
what it most likely is:

On the command-line, you can turn on logging by adding
LogFile=X to the PERLDB_OPTS environment variable.

If X is "stdout" or "stderr", the debugger will write its
log statements to that stream. Otherwise it will interpret
X as the name of a file, and emit its code there.

Normally, this will log only the structure of the Komodo/Perl
conversation, and any error messages. In remote mode,
the debugger might be transmitting a large code block, or
a large number of variables. To get more output in the
logfile, you need to edit the file "DB/",
find the printWithLength sub, and uncomment the line

# dblog $finalStr;

This should show where the delay is.

BTW, there's another delay, on versions previous to 6.1, but
only when debugging on Linux or OS X. It occurred when
the debugger was restarted, and Komodo was waiting for some
random noise, like a mouse movement. But this doesn't happen
when the client is on Windows.

- Eric