PERL 5.6 and Windows 2003

Posted by inasser on 2008-09-25 07:37

hi all, any one knows the answer to my question?
would PERL 5.6 run fine on Windows Server 2003 and MS-SQL 2005?


I have a box running Windows 2000 server with SQL 2000 and PERL 5.6, the harware is ailing and we need to move it to another newer box.
The new servers are typically Windows 2003 server and MS-SQL 2005.

Would PERL 5.6 run on Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2K5 or do I need to update to a newer version?

If you wonder why i would not just update to the lastest version of PERL, I am basically finding what my options are, the apps that we have work on ver. 5.6 and it was not tested on other versions.

Thanks in advance for your help.