Perl 5.12 interpreter abort, only if run from Explorer

Posted by brittim on 2010-07-20 02:23

I have a specific script (not that complicated, but a bit inappropriate to post in its entirety here) that aborts under all the following conditions:

  1. The line
    use 5.12.0;

    appears near the top of the script;

  2. the script is invoked by double clicking the file in Windows Explorer; and
  3. the script is located on a network drive.

The error message box says: 'Perl Command Interpreter has encountered a problem and needs to close'.

If any of these conditions are changed, the script runs fine. For instance,

  • If run by typing the name in a CMD shell (or PERL/WPERL =script-name=) it works.
  • If the 'use 5.12.0' line is commented it works.
  • If the script is on the local harddisk, it works.

Note that the problem occurs whether the file extension is '.pl' (associated with PERL.EXE) or '.plw' (associated with WPERL.EXE).

I have a bunch of other scripts that work fine in spite of being on the same network drive with the same 'use 5.12.0' line. The problem appears 100% reproducible, even following a reboot.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Should I spend time trying to produce a smaller reproducible case (I am busy and would rather not, but will if this is considered important)? My concern is that some scripts may not be aborting but malfunctioning in other (invisible) ways.