AS perl 5.10 cpan shell broken

Posted by on 2008-08-18 07:28
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro


It seems to me that the cpan shell in the AS perl 5.10 release 1003 is horribly broken. When I try to install anything in the cpan shell this is what happens:

cpan> install YAML
YAML is up to date (0.66).

cpan> install Bundle::CPAN
Fetching with LWP:
Alert: While trying to 'parse' YAML file
with 'YAML::XS' the following error was encountered:
 Usage: YAML::XS::LibYAML::Load(yaml_str) at C:\Perl\lib/YAML/ line 70.

Catching error: "\cJ\cI...propagated at C:/Perl/lib/ line 3266.\cJ" at C:
/Perl/lib/ line 281
       CPAN::shell() called at C:\Perl\bin/cpan.bat line 211

Is this a known problem? I just need to know if I can tell users whether perl 5.10 should be/will be/is supported on Windows.


ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2008-09-17 16:02

During the overhaul of our PPM build architecture, problems were found in
which have been addressed by an update (in 1004 and 824) from 0.26 to 0.27.