mysql DBD issue

Posted by mattperl on 2008-12-02 22:53
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

In the 5.10 (1000*) builds, the library for mysql database interface is missing from the DBD library. The CPAN instructions do not work for pure windows operation.

The mysql library components exist is versions 5.8 and below which are incompatible with 5.10 version. Does anyone know if there is a compiled/installable version exists for windows? Or... What is the work-around?


I found the other posting about the missing libraries and how to get them and downloaded and installed the package... But...

I am still getting Access is denied. When I read the file, there was a note on how to get MYSQL to work and it requires a lot of things to do and playing with c header files.

Has anyone gotten DBI to work with MYSQL in version 5.10 with a Windows only client (preferably with XP)?

This is plain nuts since MYSQL is a popular database and should be supported. Not sure what the future holds since Sun now owns them...

Any help is appreciated for sure...