module manual install problem - help with nmake

Posted by mooch on 2009-04-30 10:26

Hi guys. I've run aground trying to manually install a module that isn't supported in PPM (DB_File). I don't have a lot of experience with this, and I could really use some guidance.

I've got a fully working script on a windows XP machine that uses DB_File. I'm trying to get it set up on our company server, which uses windows server 2003. I've got activeperl 5.10 installed on the server and can see my test CGI file ok. The problem is when I try to install the DB_File module using nmake, it throws an error and the makefile/install process fails.

The steps I've tried are as follows:

- downloaded the latest versions of the module and nmake

- unzipped/extracted the module to a temp folder

- 'installed' nmake and put the three files (.exe, error log and readme) in the same temp folder (just in case it makes a difference)

- opened command prompt and navigated to the temp folder where both the module files and nmake are located, then run the following commands:


# complains about libraries, but completes

nmake test

# numerous error messages, then stops.
# problem with cl.exe not being located

From what I read nmake might be looking for and not finding a C compiler on the server. I tried installing visual C++ redistributable (2008), but still got the same error message.

Anyone have suggestions?

geo_v123 (not verified) | Wed, 2009-07-22 00:00

Try Install Perl Module - Automated Script

This is an automated script developed in Perl to install Perl modules and all of its dependent modules with in a single step.

Geo Varghese

zeah | Mon, 2009-08-24 12:40

even im having the same problem when im trying to install html::strip..i tried to repairing the visual C++ and then i was able to nmake...but im still stuck with nmake test...i get an error saying strip.dll cannot be loaded..and specified module cannot be found at
Any help would be appreciated