Missing the embedded Tk.pcx file

Posted by lhli on 2010-12-30 00:00
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We have custom code within Tk 8.4 to add another option "-retpat" for the standard tk procedure tk_getOpenFile. When the codes are checked with TclDevKit checker, the option "-retpat" is reported as an error

(badSwitch) invalid switch: "-retpat"
-retpat 1 \

We don't want to see this reported as errors since they are correct.
The way we can figure out by reading documentaton is to have our own pcx files on basis of the embedded Tk.pcx file. however, this file does not exist following documentation below. We do see Blt.pcx and Expect.pcx but no Tk.pcx with the version TclDevKit5.2.1.293752.

Embedded PCX Files
The Tcl Dev Kit TclChecker comes with embedded PCX files for standard Tcl packages. Examples include: 'Tk', 'Expect', and 'Blt'. To view an embedded PCX file, use the ActiveTcl Virtual Filesystem Explorer tool to navigate to the "pcx" directory (located, by default, in bin/tclchecker(.exe)/data/pcx), and then save the PCX file to an existing folder.

Could you please support?

Longhui Li

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2011-01-05 08:33

The Tcl and Tk syntax definitions are deeper interwined with the core checker code than other packages. As such their definitions are in the coreTcl.tcl and coreTk.tcl files, and not .pcx files.

lhli | Thu, 2011-01-06 18:37

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for clarifications and I did find the mentioned files, while my problem still exists.

I am not able to make code changes on the two mentioned files since they are encrypted, and I am not sure even with that resolved how I can load custom coreTk.tcl file for custom checkers.

I am wondering a solution to recgonize the customized tcl/tk codes in the areas below,
1) procedure "tk_getOpenFile" - add a new option "-retpat"
2) procedure "tk_getSaveFile" - add a new option "-retpat"
3) command "font" - add a new option "-type"
4) command "wm" - add a new option "-alpha"
5) command "menu" - add a new option "-helpvar" or "-helpvariable"
6) command "entry" - add a new option "-dbg"
7) command "text" - add a new option "-disabledbackground"

please let me know in case of any questions.


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2011-01-13 09:45

Please send me a mail at andreask@activestate.com

lhli | Sun, 2013-12-22 20:17


Could you please give me update about the current status?


ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2014-01-22 12:16

Tcl Dev Kit 5.3.0 and higher now have a separated Tk.pcx.