Issue: XML Parsing in Perl on HP-UX Itanium Platform

Posted by radamdeys on 2009-06-05 01:01
Forums: PPM | OS: HP-UX ( IA64 )


I am Syed, from Bangalore.

I have a file "default.cst" and an external entity "mgr.dtd".

The XML::Parser downloaded and built by me is able to parse "default.cst" only in 'standalone=yes' mode, but if a reference is made to external entity, then i get an error, as below.

error in processing external entity reference at line 2, column 59, byte 82:
<?xml version="1.0" ?>

I see that somehow the XML::Parser built by me is unable to parse if there is a refernce to external entity.

But, drilling down further -- I found that XML::Parser requires "libexpat." - a library used in parsing.

The "libexpat" library has to be built from the "expat-2.0.1" source, which i downloaded and built, but there are some flags to be set for the Parsing of External Entity to take place smoothly.

I need to know how to build "libexpat" from "expat-2.0.1" so as to parse XML documents with reference to external entities!

- Syed