INTERNAL ERROR: PerlParse did not exit clean!!!!

Posted by p.navakumar on 2011-01-27 22:46

We are getting the below error message very often, and when we get this error my IIS server is stops responding for .pl files and other files i am able to access(like .htm). Can any one tell me how to fix this issue.

and we are doing IIS reset as work around...

INTERNAL ERROR: PerlParse did not exit clean!!!!

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2013-01-03 16:03

which is why IIS needs to reload the .pl handler after it happens.

There have been occasional reports of this with 5.8.0 through to 5.8.8 series Perls over the last ten years. Some of the bugs that caused these crashes were fixable in the late 5.8 releases; other crashes are attributable to all 5.8 Perls using threading with stdio, and don't go away until you switch to newer Perls that use perlio instead.

If you are still using a 5.8 Perl, consider switching to a 5.14 or 5.16 Perl. If you absolutely must use a 5.8, consider upgrading to the most recent 5.8.9 Perl available under Business Edition