installing mod_perl - must be a FAQ

Posted by r.ted.byers_gmail on 2008-12-24 14:41
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

Windows XP, fresh install of Apache's httpd, v 2.2.11 (just about a month old or month and a half +/-), and ActiveState 5.10.0.

With a fresh install, and changing nothing in the config, it runs perl CGI scripts perfectly. If I then try to manually install mod_perl, copying the most recent so file for mod_perl (from an installation at the office where a colleague managed to get it working with the same version of perl but Apache version 2.2.10 - I used precisely the same method that he used), and edit the configuration files accordingly, the server ends up displaying the source code of the perl scripts rather than executing them.

I tried using PPM to install mod_perl, but to no avail. It appeared to download everything OK, but the script that was to be executed after the download failed. Regardless of where I installed the server (I'd prefer drive K: but finally settled on drive C:), that script insisted on trying to copy the .so file to the D: drive, which on my system is not writable (it is used as a safeguard, from which I can restore my system should a catastrophe strike). It appears to have failed because it could not copy a file to drive D:, which strikes me as stupid, but within the PPM window where the output was displayed, I was not able to type in the directory where it SHOULD have been placed.

I am sure that there must be a FAQ somewhere about how to install mod_perl, but those I found said nothing about this, and I had never had a problem installing mod_perl with version 2.0 of Apache web server and ActiveState's perl 5.8.x. (Now that is broken because of my upgrade to perl 5.10.0)

Something seems to have been broken somewhere along the line recently.

I could, in principle, download the source for everything and use Visual C++ to compile everything, but that seems to me to be a bit extreme, and I am not that desperate.

How can I fix this?