How to get started with GTK and QT

Posted by siegfried on 2011-03-11 10:56
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 7

I need to write "hello world" in GTK and QT with perl on Windows 7 and FreeBSD 8.2.

I'm using ActiveState Perl on Windows 7 and it is not clear to me what packages I need.

I'm trying to follow the directions at and I cannot find GTK2 in activestate PPM.

I'm also trying to get a QT version of "hello world" working and I cannot find the QT runtime for perl in PPM either. Can someone guide me and tell me what packages I need from active state perl from PPM?

Added later:
OK, I just discovered and it looks like I need to add some repositories to PPM.

I'm using a network proxy however. How do I tell PPM to use the proxy?