How to add a project specific @INC module-path to Komodo without breaking syntax checking?

Posted by afg on 2009-05-18 21:25

For a perl porting project I am using ActiveState's Komodo IDE 5.1
The project uses several internal libraries (e.g. Those modules are stored under different directory trees. (subversion ..)

By adding a

PERL5LIB=(list of path to lib)

under the "environemt" tab of the debu/run dialog, I can show Komodo/Perl how to run the script.

Unfortunately the syntax checking doesn't seem to evaluate those directives and the IDE claims there was a fatal "can't locate" error, despite the fact that the script runs fine.

One way to fix this is to add the module path using the "Additional Perl Import Directories" under <Edit><Preferences><Languages><Perl> .. but that is a global directive, not project specific, which leads to all kinds of interesting problems when module names collide, for instance when working with a previous release of the ported product (maintenance mode) ...

So, how can I configure the Komodo IDE to store "Additional Perl Import Directories" [the @INC path for syntax checking] with the project?

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2009-05-19 11:37 (still in progress)

Here's what works:

Create a new project in the directory you're working in.

Using the project's properties|Languages|Perl tab, add the
paths you want Komodo to check.

If it's a "live folder" project, your main file will be a
member of the project. The bug seems to be that the
syntax-checker doesn't find the new paths for that project.

I created a new file at the same location as the old file,
with the same contents, and Komodo did find the new paths.

- Eric