Fixed search but now...

Posted by Dave_DLGreene on 2008-10-01 00:54

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Internet Explorer: Version 7.0.5730.11

You fixed the search button and textbox from being cut off but, you now have a problem that drives me nuts too... Trying to get the content of the page to the right width... I assume (at least it looks like a problem that I have had) that you are querying the width of the window and placing the search button at the edge... On IE the browser DOES NOT report the width of the right scroll bar for vertical movement. In other words the search button is now chopped off by the thickness of the right scrollbar. This is much better than before because now I can at least use the search from the main page. CSS also fouls on width="100%" in IE.

I must say provided you don't put anything really "special" in the right 20 or 30 px it doesn't really matter. In fact I might be tempted to put
a "dummy" there. I have no idea how you are doing it but:

if( "IE" )
add dummy 20px wide.