Feature Request - Disable File/Write

Posted by david_filmer on 2008-09-17 17:46

Sometimes I have a file open for reference (which I have write access to) that I don't want to change (by accident).

It would be really nice to have a toggle under the File menu to disable write (essentially making the file read-only) and thus insuring that I cannot overwrite this file.

Thank you for your consideration.


dafi | Wed, 2008-09-17 21:44

MoreKomodo extension has the lock edit feature otherwise you can use macro discussed here

Enhance KomodoEdit with MoreKomodo

david_filmer | Thu, 2008-09-18 14:11

Ah - MoreKomodo is great! Thanks for writing it!


ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2008-09-17 22:00

I also recommend using the morekomodo extension, and there are many more useful features provided in Dafi's extension.