critcl build of cryptlib (cryptkit)

Posted by milarepa on 2011-03-22 07:56

Hi all,
I have an up-to-date install of ActiveTcl community edition.

critcl test suite works fine, and I have compiled some testing C extensions (pkgxx.tcl) with no problem using critl -pkg pkgxyz ...
Compile OK, runtime execution of the create package OK ...

Now, here is the issue with cryptlib :

I have build and tested cryptlib from

I have troubles trying to create cryptkit (see bindings/cryptkit.tcl in cryptlib distibution archive) using this :

critcl -pgk criptkit

critcl generates 2 -l options passed to gcc and after to ld.
-lresolv (/usr/lib/ is found with no problem)
-lcl_Linux-x86 (/usr/lib/ is present, readable by anybody, but ld complains : -lcl_Linux-x86 not found )

Anyone can help ?

Best regards