CPAN vs ActiveState XML-RPC inconsistencies

Posted by xysrl on 2009-08-03 08:52

Several Prolems:
1. Module names: CPAN has RPC-XML, ActiveState has XML-RPC. This makes cross-platform use a huge pain--someone surely must have come across this already?

2. CPAN has RPC-XML-Client, ActiveState has no XML-RPC-Client. I can't see the CPAN client functionality in the ActiveState XML-RPC.

3. XML::RPC::struct doesn't work, CPAN's RPC::XML::struct does work
Can't locate object method "new" via package "XML::RPC::struct" (perhaps you forgot to load "XML::RPC::struct"?) at line 17.

Can someone point me to a post or doc that can help me resolve the conflicts between ActiveState's and CPAN's XML::RPC (RPC::XML) packages?


I've attached unix (CPAN) version of my script that works ( and ActiveState version that does not (

active.pl_.txt716 bytes
cpan.pl_.txt686 bytes