Could not uninstall ActiveTcl

Posted by wricken on 2010-08-26 12:20

I have installed ActiveTcl on C:\Programme\Tcl as a standard user with administrator permission on a german Windows Vista. Tcl works fine but a check of the installation with the explorer show that a physical path C:\Programme was created parallel to the link which comes with Windows Vista. To install ActiveTcl on C:\Tcl again I have to uninstall Tcl before. The program uninstall.exe which comes with the Tcl distribution should uninstall ActiveTcl. After the program start with administrator permission a window with a next bottom pops up. After select next the program stopped with the error message

Uninstalling ActiveTcl ...
Reading in install.log ...
Inconsistent uninstall state.

I would appreciate any tips/help



ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2010-08-27 09:54

This specific error message is generated after uninstall checked the registry for the installation and was not able to find it. Depending on the install mode it found in the installation log file it looked at either HKLM or HKCU. My guess is that some mixup happened there regarding admin vs personal.

You can simply delete the offending ActiveTcl directory from within the file explorer. This won't get rid of the start menu entries tough, nor of the registry keys.

fun-max11 | Sat, 2010-12-04 07:48

andreas.kupries, thanks a lot! i had such problem