Configuring and installing from the command line

Posted by tranquilitas on 2010-10-29 11:23
Forums: PPM | OS: OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

What is the best practice for reinstalling a previously loaded package from the command line that must be manually configured? I need to reinstall LWP configured 'without HEADERS' for use with Bricolage 2.0 on Snow Leopard.

* Since LWP is a core package, I am adverse to modifying the version at /ActivePerl-5.12/lib.

* The second option is to install a new manually configured version at /ActivePerl-5.12/site/lib. Although I have added two other non-repository packages (e. g. Apache2::SizeLimits) via cpan and they now appear in the database, they do not appear to be modifiable by the ppm gui.

* If could request cpan -i LWP, but I will no doubt get that the program is already installed. Per the docs this might be overridden via '-force' option but I would like to be sure before trying and I do not believe cpan takes configurable options at the command line.

* The last option is to download and unpack the tar from CPAN ...configure (without HEADERS), make and install manually.... requesting the install at /ActivePerl-5.12/site/bin.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.