compiling modules on x64 - MSVCR90.DLL

Posted by mor on 2009-02-20 07:14
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I need to compile some modules (written in C) for use on Vista-x64, to work with 64-bit perl 5.8.x, and Windows-Server-2003 R2 (64-bit) with same perl version.

I understand that some people have a Microsoft VC6 compiler that links to MSVCRT.DLL, available in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 SDK.

I downloaded (19/Feb/2009) an ISO (filename is 6.0.6001.18000.367.KRMSDK_EN.iso) from Microsoft, but when I installed it I discovered that it contains a Visual-studio 2008 compiler for 64-bit, and (after adjusting setenv.cmd) the module links to MSVCR90.DLL. But perl.exe links to mscrt.dll.

I understand that I must compile my modules with the same compiler that Activestate used when building the 64-bit Perl 5.8.x.

But how can I get that compiler for 64-bit, which I believe is VC6!

Is it still possible to download a version of VC6 for 64-bit that Activestate used to build Perl 5.8.x ? If so, does someone have the correct link (preferably with a full download file name ISO different from what I have already downloaded ).


mor | Sat, 2009-02-21 00:50

Although Microsoft has replaced the "Windows Server 2003 Platform SDK" on its website by the "Windows Server 2008" equivalent, the earlier image is still available (February 2009) elsewhere on the internet. I used it successfully to compiled my modules for x64 to work with Perl 5.8.8 64-bit.
The filename to search for is "5.2.3790.2075.51.PlatformSDK_Svr2003R2_rtm.img"
and it contains the x64 compiler that is compatible with Activestate Perl 5.8 for Win x64.