Can't determine best doing ppm install Log::Dispatch

Posted by dmccoy on 2010-11-19 13:54
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I am doing a fresh (removed all other version of ActivePerl and Strawberry perl) of ActivePerl 5.10.1. I am using ppm and I am trying to install Log::Dispatch, but when I click the mark for install button, ppm comes back with a dialog saying:

Can't determine best at C:/Perl/lib/ActivePerl/PPM/ line 173.

Can't determine best at C:/Perl/lib/ActivePerl/PPM/ line 173.

while executing
invoked from within
".t.c invoke "
invoked from within
".t.c instate {pressed !disabled} { .t.c state !pressed; .t.c invoke } "
(command bound to event)

Here is my ppm repo list:

C:\Documents and Settings\Dennis McCoy>ppm repo list
? id ? pkgs ? name ?
? 1 ? 13621 ? ActiveState Package Repository ?
? 2 ? 294 ? uwinnipeg 5.10 ?
? 3 ? 522 ? bribes 5.10 ?
? 4 ? 13505 ? trouchelle 5.10 ?
(4 enabled repositories)

Beyond the core modules which came with ActivePerl 5.10.1, I installed using the ppm gui, DBD::MySQL, Parse::RecDescent and CPAN::Mini. Using ppm on the command line, I installed mod_perl2 for Apache2.2 (pointing to the uwinnipeg repository).

Dennis McCoy

dmccoy | Sat, 2010-11-20 09:09

After doing a lot of research on .ppd file format, and trying a few different ideas, I decided to look at another repo's .ppd for Log::Dispatch. Found the Trouchelle repo had a working .ppd for Log::Dispatch and simply chose the appropriate line in ppm for the Trouchelle repo and used ppm to install that one. The install for that entry went without a hitch.