Cannot install mod_perl

Posted by yuri on 2009-06-25 12:49
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows Server 2003

I'm installing Bugzilla 3.2.3.

I have installed Perl from .msi.

I ran "perl --check-module" I went on to install modules.

I went on with module installations. At that time I did not have
Apache installed yet, so when I tried installing mod_perl the
following happened:

c:\>ppm install mod_perl
Downloading mod_perl-2.000004...done
Unpacking mod_perl-2.000004...done
Generating HTML for mod_perl-2.000004...done
Updating files in site area...done
Downloading mod_perl-2.000004 install script...done
Running mod_perl-2.000004 install script...
The Apache2 module is needed to complete the installation,
and should be placed in your Apache2 modules directory. I will now
fetch and install this for you.

... done!
Where should be placed? [D:/Apache2.2/modules] C:/
C:/Apache2.2/modules does not exist. Create it? [no] yes
Could not create C:/Apache2.2/modules: No such file or directory
Installation of not completed.
474 files installed

As you see installation is not completed. I now have Apache installed in default location "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2" and the "modules" folder exists, but how can I install
mod_perl ? If I run "c:\>ppm install mod_perl", I'm getting "No
missing packages to install"