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Posted by dfmatt on 2009-06-02 06:47
Forums: PPM | OS: Debian / Ubuntu

I am trying to build some perl modules and do not (cannot for many) do this with PPM.

I have not had any problem doing this in the past with a regular perl install, but cannot get it to work with the ActiveState install.

It is installed into /opt/ActivePerl-5.10/ so when I run Makefile.PL I set LIB=/opt/ActivePerl-5.10/lib/ to make sure they are installed into the right place.

This works fine, except that when I come to install another module that relies on that first module it complains that it isn't installed.

Can someone please tell me how I can get Makefile.PL to look at the modules installed into /opt/ActivePerl-5.10/lib


dfmatt | Thu, 2009-06-04 00:43

I found the answer elsewhere.

If anyone else wants to know this, you need to run this command

export PERL5LIB=/opt/ActivePerl-5.10/lib (for Debian anyway)

and maybe this command

perl Makefile.PL LIB=/opt/ActivePerl-5.10/lib/

mymail | Wed, 2009-08-19 12:10

Hi I am having a same problem. I install pms and then the new pms that need that pm that I installed cant find it. I am on a win box. so here is what I have been doing.
I test it on localhost. if I get lucky I am good. If I get cant find it.
I go in dos mode and cd until I get to the dir. then I use this perl (what ever the file is) it opens the file and it fixes the problem. about 90 % anyway.