ActivePython 2.5.1 & cygwin

Posted by cognitiaclaeves on 2008-08-25 21:01

I can't seem to call the Python interpreter (via python.exe) -- It appears to find python in the correct path with 'which python', but when executing python, python -v, python -dv, it just appears to hang.

It works from cmd. What might it be doing differently with cygwin?

Note: I did have python installed in cygwin in an alternate location /usr/bin/python, I think. I ended up having to remove python from the cygwin installation because I ran into an issue when trying to import MySQLdb (the Windows installation used a .pyd file that it appears the nix variant of python doesn't recognize.)

So the plan is to have just one version of python... only it won't run in cygwin at all. Anyone have any ideas what it's doing or how to determine what it's doing?