Active State Perl 5.8 install directory on W2K8R2 x64

Posted by slvn.lefebvre on 2010-03-26 02:54

Hello everyone,

I have to run an automated installation of Perl 64 bit on a W2K8R2x64 server.
In order to keep compatibility with old administration scripts, we have to install Perl in folder "D:\Perl", so i try the following command line:

D:\> ActivePerl- /q /passive TARGETDIR="D:\Perl\" PERL_PATH="Yes"

--> installation works perfectly except that files are copied in "D:\Perl\Perl64", instead of "D:\Perl".

But when I run installation from the UI, i can change the installation directory to D:\Perl, and files are really copied in "D:\Perl"....

So my question is: what is the right property to set in the command line in order to indicate precisely the perl installation directory ?