Why not to keep PPM3 for users with slow connection?

Posted by bsdard on 2006-12-25 00:33
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Dear developers,

The PPM3 is really the thing I am missing now. I have extremely slow dialup connection and therefore cannot use PPM4 on my system. For 819 version of Perl now I have to go to ppm repository site and manually download zipped packages and install them from command line. I tried to exhaustingly wait until it updates the registry on my machine, but after waiting for 30-40min, I stopped the process as it was processing packages with names, started from D (I used ppm-shell, as ppm GUI hangs while trying to download the list of packages, which results in my PC, coming to a standstill). PPM3 worked perfectly on my system (search and install usually took several minutes). I have P3 1,1Mhz, RAM-512Mb, WindowsXP SP2. Won’t it be possible to make an installation time option to install PPM3 instead/with PPM4?

jeff.griffiths | Mon, 2006-12-25 13:22

If you really want ppm3, just down-grade to an older version of ActivePerl. We do intend to improve the network performance of ppm4 in subsequent releases, but we do not intend to include ppm3 with newer builds of ActivePerl.

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