Posted by uselinux34 on 2007-09-23 06:43
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I have installed the Weather::Com module via ppm. However when I type in use Weather::Com in my program I get the error message 'Cannot locate Weather/Com.pmin @INC (INC contains C:\Perl/Site/lib C:\Perl/lib) BEGIN failed -- compilation aborted.'
I don't get any errors on installation, as far as I can tell it has installed correctly, when verifying package no errors are reported.

I am using Komodo personal 4.2 on Windows Media Centre Edition.Everything in the PATH seems to be correct. I also tried this on Komodo 4.1 with the same results.

If anybody has any ideas what I might be doing wrong, I would be most grateful

Thanks a lot

Richard G.

ericp | Mon, 2007-09-24 09:11

I just installed it, and find the installation doesn't follow
the Perl convention of installing a minimal Weather/
in your site-lib area.

There is POD for Weather::Com, and it tells me I have to
choose one of three interfaces, such as Weather::Com::Finder

uselinux34 | Mon, 2007-09-24 10:11

oh I see. I was actually fiddling with one of the examples in Linux Magazine, which just gave the use Weather::com. The Finder etc wasn't mentioned. Now I've had a look for Weather::Com::Finder and found a better example.

Thanks a lot,
Richard G.

schnueck | Thu, 2007-10-25 01:19

Hi Richard,

sorry for only putting the documentation into Weather::Com(.pod) and not creating this rudimentary .pm file... maybe I'll change this with the next release, so all relevant 'use' statements might be put into there...

Just in case - if you haven't found my 'official' tutorial, yet, go to:


Concerning the 'linux magazine' article: could you please tell me which issue this has been part of? Or maybe send be a link or so? ;-)



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