Wanting to help ActiveState's auto build

Posted by cosmicnet on 2008-04-29 16:46
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows

Hi ActiveState,
I understand your auto build system, and the need for it with the huge array of perl modules to deal with. I know for some modules build reports aren't very clear, and it can be hard for some developers to get their modules into the default ActiveState repository.
This is where I think I can be of help. I want to create a replica of your auto build machine (somewhat scaled down) so that I can test the autobuild on certain modules and be able to give the developers more detailed information as to what is going on so that they can update their code and get their module into your repository.

I've contacted a few Perl developers and they are interested in this as many of them have no idea as to why their modules aren't auto building as some are even getting 100% from CPAN testers but still not getting through your auto build.

Of could to be able to do this I need to know your setup. I've got licensed copies of windows and visual c++. If one of you would be kind enough to give me a little guidance I'm sure I could get this setup in no time and help alleviated some of your stress :)


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2008-05-29 14:42

Apologies for the delay on this, but our dev team has been working on a major overhaul of the auto-build system for several months. Actually, it started out as an investigation into why so many modules failed to build, progressed to an attempt to repair some of the problems in the system, and quickly got bogged down by the sheer numbers. At the moment, the team feels that the old process was too flawed to fix, so they are hammering out a new auto-build tool. From what I've seen, the initial results from the new tool are promising, but they are not far enough along yet to know if it is going to be the answer or not. Stay tuned. If you suddenly see a big spike in module availability, you'll known why.