Using PPM on Vista Enterprise Edition

Posted by terryperl on 2007-05-07 20:41
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows Vista

I have recently completed an upgrade from Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Enterprise Edition. Upon doing so, I installed Active Perl 5.8.8 Build 820; however, I have had no success in getting the PPM (either the CLI or the new-to-me GUI) to install .ppd packages. Upon launching PPM, I get a default pre-installed list of 42 packages, but I can not perform any searches of Internet repositories. I am frequently met with "read failed - 500 error" messages. I am not using any proxies or firewalls (aside from the built-in Vista Firewall, and even if I disable it, I see the same issue). Any help in getting PPM to access / install packages from online repositories would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

czd2002 | Fri, 2008-02-22 21:39

I had the same problem you are having. I just found out there is no PPM GUI support for the x64 bit build. So if you uninstall the x64 version and install the x86 version you will then have access to the PPM GUI.