tab title restriction hurts Komodo's usability for Django projects

Posted by tclineks on 2008-04-28 21:03

A typical Django project will often have several files named '' and ''.

I started looking at what it would mean to set the view titles to '(parentdir)/(baseName)' but since koIView's title attribute is readonly this isn't possible.

Any chance this could be opened up so macros can modify view titles?

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2008-04-29 09:59

Here's a quick solution. Create a macro that has a startup trigger. Enter the following JS.

try {
var vm = ko.views.manager.topView;
var box = document.getAnonymousNodes(vm)[0];

// get the views-tabbed elements
var tabset1 = box.firstChild;
var tabset2 = box.lastChild;

// replace the updateLeafName implementation to use something different
// for the tab label
tabset1.updateLeafName =
tabset2.updateLeafName = function(view) {
    view.parentNode._tab.label = view.title;
    if (view.document) {
        view.parentNode._tab.setAttribute('crop', 'start');
        view.parentNode._tab.label = view.document.displayPath;

// the "on startup" trigger happens after files
// are opened, so we need to call updateLeafName
// for each opened view.  Files opened after startup
// will be fine
var views = ko.views.manager.topView.getViews(true);
for (var i=0; i < views.length; i++) {
    if (views[i].document)

} catch(e) {

tclineks | Wed, 2008-04-30 08:55

Perfect, thanks Shane. I've posted an updated version that only shows the parent directory and the filename (and only for python files) here: