submitting support request gives "Page Not Found"

Posted by Eric Johnson on 2006-11-30 19:48

I tried to use the technical support request on the ActiveState website. After submitting my request, I was directed to the page , which showed the message "Page Not Found".

This did not give me a good feeling about getting an answer to my question.

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2006-12-01 15:59

Hi Eric,

I just tried and it worked as expected. It may have been a transient problem. Some problems just last for a few minutes during a site update, for example. Could you please give it another try? If it doesn't work this time, the following information would be very helpful:

- operating system you're using
- browser you're using
- are cookies enabled?
- is JavaScript enabled?

This information will help the web team reproduce the issue and move towards a fix.

Thank you,