Solaris 10 post update using wrong perl

Posted by ultrachrome on 2008-06-23 11:01

A long departed dev setup a Sol 10 box on which they installed ActivePerl and several modules. I had an OS corruption problem after a recent patch and had to upgrade with the latest update 5 which cured my problem.

However, the update obviously wiped out some config bits and now none of my perl scripts run unless I use the entire activeperl path.

I added activeperl to the path in /etc/profile and restarted. echo $PATH shows activeperl prior to /usr/bin but 'whereis perl' still shows /usr/bin/perl.

ssh to the box and 'su - root' results in activeperl as default for that session.

Obviously I'm missing something.

ultrachrome | Mon, 2008-06-23 12:09

Just realized that /usr/bin/perl is a symbolic link.

Changed that to point to activeperl and all is well.