RSS feed seems to need work

Posted by bcorfman on 2007-03-09 09:50

I'm subscribed to the Komodo discussion feed on Bloglines. Unfortunately, it seems to update itself frequently with posts that I have already seen. Can you please look into this? It's aggrevating enough that I have stopped subscribing to new forum posts once already, but I'm trying to hang in there this time.

bcorfman | Mon, 2007-03-12 10:59

I could be wrong, but it seems as though a topic is triggered as "new" because the links to other topics are included as part of the feed itself. (e.g. the topic link for this page currently is called "Choice of forum software >>". I see this link in the RSS feed also, not just this web page.) These topic links do not seem to be based on the order of their original posting, but ordered by "most recent update" instead. This means that almost any comments under one topic causes that topic to become the most recent. As a result, this causes one or two cascading updates to other topics (and their links), and all these topics are wrongly included in the RSS feed.

If I'm right, this could be resolved by removing topic links from the RSS feed.

bcorfman | Wed, 2007-03-14 04:22

Is anyone reading this?

jeff.griffiths | Thu, 2007-06-21 15:15

I am actually looking into issues with this site currently, and noticed this post. The RSS feed for the Forum Posts *should* sort by creation date, not the date of the last comment.