Request to ActiveState from DBD::ODBC maintainer

Posted by martinjevans on 2008-03-04 08:01
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I am the current maintainer of DBD::ODBC and I am getting an increasing number of people mailing me personally saying they cannot install the DBD::ODBC module from PPM (3 today so far). Most of the problems seem to be PPM listing DBD::ODBC as available then when they attempt to install it they get 404 not found.

I notice the DBD::ODBC ppm has disappeared from the activestate repositories and I also found:

this log file

From this is looks as though DBD::ODBC is being built with VERY old ODBC headers supplied by Microsoft and certainly not headers supporting Unicode builds.

Does anyone know who to contact at ActiveState about this. Bare in mind I do not use ActiveState myself, as on Windows I use a Perl I built from scratch and my primary platforms are UNIX so I am unfamiliar with ActiveState.


Martin J. Evans

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2008-04-17 16:43

There were a number of glitches in the PPM service which resulted in 404 errors and apparently missing files. These have been corrected. DBD::ODBC has also been rebuilt lately.