REMOTE_USER value using ActivePerl with IIS6

Posted by PriyaManoj on 2008-01-12 12:58

I have a htm file which will be redirected to Perl file with query string parameters PATH_INFO and PATH_TRANSLATED values. I am able to access those values. The current requirement is , I have to get the current user of the web page and according to the user, one button is enabled/disabled. In IIS, I set the Anonymous access is disabled and passed the REMOTE_USER value in the query string.

My code:
The htm file contains this
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=/cgi-shl/<!-- #echo var="PATH_INFO"-->&pathin=<!-- #echo var="PATH_TRANSLATED"-->&pathout=<!-- #echo var="PATH_TRANSLATED"-->&userid=<!--#echo var="REMOTE_USER" -->">

In perl,
When I was trying to access the value in perl program, REMOTE_User value is empty if Anonymous access is enabled.
If Anonymous access is disabled, the redirect from Htm file to Perl is not working. File not found error in web page.
The htm file is in one virtual directory. Perl program in under C:\Inetpub\cgi-shl virtual directory.
Please help me to get the current windows login id, I would be grateful to you.
Thanks & Regards,