Proc::ProcessTable not found

Posted by asha on 2007-11-16 14:39
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows

I am trying to create an executable of a program which uses a package
that indirectly uses The error from PerlApp
7.0.0 is that it can't locate the package. THEN IT GOES AHEAD
and builds my .exe anyway! What sense does that make??. All
I want is to build the .exe, but safely. To do that I have to install
the package. Cpan says it exists: "Proc::ProcessTable - Perl extension
to access the Unix Process Table" (Why the Unix process table is
being accessed is another mystery! This is Windows! I used no
Unix specific package). Anyhow, even though it's listed at CPAN
the package does not exist as far as PPM is concerned, though there
is a .tar.gz file at CPAN. A look at that shows it really is just for unix
as there are README files for many unix versions but nothing for Windows.

Why is this package invoked at all by my Windows Perl code?
Is it safe to build and run without the Package?
If not, how can I obtain a Windows version, or a stub to stand in for it?

I can say this: package PT uses package Info which uses this package. That's
what the PerlApp builder says anyway. My code has no use statements for any
of these.