Problem with loging on the forums

Posted by florentv on 2008-07-06 08:57


Looks like there are some bugs floating around this forum. I have an account with a login name of "Florent V.", and when I tried to log in it would redirect me to a page where I was supposed to login using my bugzilla account. I did, and then it asked me to choose a screen name, and of course "Florent V." was not available, and I choose "florentv".

So I had:
- one forum account ("Florent V.");
- one bugzilla account (florent@c**p**.net).

No I have:
- one forum account ("Florent V.") I can't use anymore (won't let me log in);
- one ActiveState Community account ("florentv") which allows me to post this message.

Only problem is: how do I edit my previous posts (that were, technically speaking, posted by someone else)?

I wanted to edit this post:

Florent V. | Sun, 2008-07-06 14:48

Ok, I see where I was wrong: I didn't use the same e-mail address for signing up on the forums and on bugzilla. So when I signed up using SSO with my bugzilla e-mail, it asked me to choose a screen name.

So now I have two SSO accounts.