PPM Can't Remove Area ActivePerl 5.8

Posted by pinball2k on 2008-02-09 15:29
Forums: PPM | OS: OS X

I am on OS X 10.4.11 and have ActivePerl 5.8 installed When I bring up the PPM GUI, most everything works EXCEPT. If I get the list of installled modules, I can right click and get the option to remove the module. With one item LWP that option is grayed out. Also, when I look at the PPM - Preferences, I see 3 Areas, I can click on 2 but the third just BEEPS when I try to click on it.

I uninstalled and installed again but I still see all of the same installed modules and get the same 3 areas. I tried the "ppm remove --area perl but that does not work either. When I get a ppm listing of areas, it shows all 3 but the problem one, "perl" prints out as (perl).

I did have previous versions of perl on this machine and even had 5.10 but...

Where is information about areas kep and/or how can I reinitialize all of the areas and start again?


ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2008-04-29 11:06

In order to get a complete refresh, you need to uninstall, then manually delete the /usr/local/ActivePerl 5.8/ directory. The database that PPM maintains will re-synch the next time it is started.