Perl Module::Starter help on Windows::ActiveState

Posted by elsint on 2007-01-23 17:58

I'm a Perl beginner trying to work on Windows :)

Here's my question, any help is appreciated!

I am using Activestate Perl. I installed Module::Starter through PPM.

To build a module documentation tells I should run the command: "module-starter --module=bla bla bla"

But this doesn't work as Windows does not recognize any command as "module-starter".

So is there a Perl shell or something that I could run this command?


ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2007-01-26 11:22


I just installed this module on ActivePerl using PPM and the module-starter.bat file is installed in C:\Perl\site\bin. Is this directory in your path? If not, you'll need to add it to your path before it'll work. ActivePerl 820 adds this directory automatically, but earlier versions may not. Alternatively you can type "C:\Perl\site\bin\module-starter.bat --module=bla bla bla" every time, but that's no fun. :)