Newbie needs help getting modules on Windows...

Posted by mneagles on 2007-09-24 12:19
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

I am new to ActivePerl under Windows and need some instruction on downloading some modules (LWP, Net, and Crypt) and installing them.
Anyone out there got a simple solution for me?

ericp | Mon, 2007-09-24 12:33

From a command-shell, for help run

> perldoc ppm

To install a module like Weather::Com, for example,
replace the "::"s with hyphens ("-"):

> ppm install Weather-Com

Also check out c:/perl/lib (or wherever you installed
ActivePerl) to see which goodies it includes. ActivePerl
includes many modules that aren't in the standard distro.

mneagles | Mon, 2007-09-24 12:41

I ran the ppm gui, and it shows (as you said) all of the extra stuff that came with ActivePerl.
As for where to get the modules I need (don't need LWP, it's included) i.e Crypt and Net, where do I go to get them?
Please be patient with me, I am really a newbie with Perl.


ericp | Mon, 2007-09-24 12:55

If you click on the leftmost package icon in the PPM GUI,
you'll see all supported packages, not just the ones that
are installed on your system. Then choose one you want, and
do a right-click install.

We were all Perl newbies at one time. You will attain Perl
knowledge gradually. Sometimes the info you seek will be
right in front of you. Other times you'll need to go to places
like, an O'Reilly book, newsgroups, or this forum. But
I strongly recommend you take some time to explore. Look at the
modules ActivePerl installed -- run perldoc Foo::Bar on ones that
look interesting. Try the Help section in the PPM GUI as well.

Good luck and have fun.

mneagles | Mon, 2007-09-24 13:41

I did as you said and it worked (no surprise, you have a clue I am missing) perfectly.
I really should have read the instructions, but I am impatient and always want answers now. I have brought up the ActivePer User's Guide and am going to cram tonight. I am also stopping at the book store tonight on the way home from work and buy the O'Reilly beginner Perl book.

Hopefully some day, I will be able to pass on some helpful info to another newbie.

I appreciate your help and understanding.


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2007-09-27 10:12

If you are looking for additional modules, then your first step should be to install the PPM-Repositories module. It allows PPM to search across all the repositories known to provide PPM compatible modules. This is especially helpful if you are searching for Crypt modules, due to government restrictions on who can distribute them.