Modules disappearing from PPM

Posted by lliquidskies on 2008-03-01 07:07
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Date::Calc, Carp:Clan, Bit::Vector, Win32::API.

I installed these to a computer at work, less than a week ago. I try try to install these at home yesterday, PPM can't find them now. Well, that is they show up in the search results, when I try to install them, I get a 404 not found error. I was able to install plenty of others. ActivePerl for Windows (x86) on both machines. Whats going on with PPM lately, why are modules disappearing?

Can anyone point me to a repository that would have these modules? I tried to install them myself, but Date::Calc and Win32::API require that you have a C compiler, which I don't (but looks like I may have to get if I don't find another repository).

Thank you.

MarcZ | Mon, 2008-03-03 10:06

In that case, you can manually look for the modules in:

and install from zip as stated in the ActiVePerl 822 help files:

Using Zip Files
As an alternate method for installing packages, you can download zip files for the packages that you need from To use these files:

Unzip the package to a temporary directory.
Install the package by specifying the ppd file directly:
ppm install c:\tmp\module-name.ppd
Some modules have dependencies that may cause them to fail to install if those packages are not available in a repository that PPM is connected to. You can use the ppm describe command to see what dependencies the package has, but those packages may have their own dependencies.

Or look into one of the other available repositories at other sites.

kirkbaucom | Thu, 2008-03-06 14:15

The zip files still exist, but they don't seem to be indexed any more. As many others have noted DBD::ODBC was missing as well, but has now returned. Is there a reason, or did a repository update go awry?

MarcZ | Wed, 2008-03-12 11:16

The following post sheds some light - from March 6

Troy Bull wrote:
> Greetings
> Does anyone know what happened to Date-Calc, I used to be able to get
> it via ppm but it seems to be missing now (as of yesterday afternoon).

Hi Troy,

It is missing for the moment, and I am tracking it down as we speak -- I
responded to this on perl-win32-users recently too, so sorry to anyone who is
reading this twice -- due to taking care of an unfortunate bug in some
compiled modules on our repositories, we took down the bugged versions and
we're swapping in nice fresh new unbugged PPMs.

The bug, which was also detailed on the other mailing list, is that some PPMs
were linking to MSVCR71.dll rather than MSVCRT.dll. Most people won't notice
this; MSVCR71.dll comes with the .NET Framework v1.1, and more Windows users
(especially devs) tend to have that installed than not. However, it makes
redistribution of Perl apps a little bit more of an (unintentional) pain.

Date-Calc will be back on the repositories by tomorrow night (Vancouver time)
at the latest; in the meantime, you should be able to track down a PPM via
Randy Kobes' handy listings, e.g. at the bottom of this page:

We don't officially support any third-party code or repositories, but it
generally works out pretty well; Randy's site is well-kept.

Again, sorry for the (hopefully-brief) outage.

Mike Gillis
Languages Development mikeg@[...].com
ActiveState Software