missing tk.pm?

Posted by sk8erevan on 2008-03-07 12:51
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help i downloaded the windows xp active perl for windows and i get some error saying cant locate tk.pm in @inc and some other stuff here is a link


that is what it says please help!!

MarcZ | Wed, 2008-03-12 10:58

What version of Perl are you using ?

dhardwhare | Fri, 2008-03-14 08:20

I have the same problem. perl/tk module was bundled in ActivePerl 5.8... but isn't included in 5.10.0.
Participants in another thread here recommend using PPM to grab the module (http://community.activestate.com/forum-topic/perl-tk-v5-10-0).

However, I am needing another approach because the computer that I have that needs it cannot be connected to a network.... thus I need to download it from somewhere.

MarcZ | Fri, 2008-03-14 09:43

You also can install packages from zip files.

Using PPM documentation, under ActivePerl Components in the ActivePerl documentation that comes with ActivePerl 5.10.x

The website to download the zipped Archives can be reached using the following URL:
(The old PPM links on the ActivePerl Website appear to be old.


You are looking for


or the older one


dhardwhare | Fri, 2008-03-14 10:14

Thank you very much for the lead. I hope it ends in resolution.

dhardwhare | Fri, 2008-03-14 11:11

I earlier said:


>There's a subsection there titled 'Using Zip Files'. It instructs me to use a command of the form:
>ppm install c:\tmp\module-name.ppd
>what is the module-name I'm looking for? I don't find ANY files in the unzipped directory structure that ends in .ppd!

I then discovered the file Tk.ppm and figured the directions might have been a typo, and so I used:
ppm install c:\tmp\Tk.ppm

And it works!


gkswamy | Wed, 2012-03-14 02:09

Hi MarcZ,
the link what you have provided is not working, it is asking login and password.

Please help.


ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2012-03-14 11:01