Klint (Komodo Lint) : syntax checker messages on tabbed window

Posted by dafi on 2008-01-27 04:21

I've released the first stable version

Download is available from http://dafizilla.sourceforge.net/klint/

any hint is very appreciated


Lord_Bad | Sun, 2008-01-27 10:33

I installed it on my Komodo IDE 4.2.1 but its icon in the extensions window was gray and there were no preferences available. The klint site is very short on explanations. On the site you say that it is for Komodo Edit, but I guess it should work on the IDE as well considering the fact that they share a common core. Any hints as to what am I doing wrong?

dafi | Sun, 2008-01-27 10:38

Honestly I use KomodoEdit and OpenKomodo.

If you right click on Syntax checker statusbar icon and click (if visible) on "Lint Messages" the window should appear.

The same from View|Tabs|Lint Messages

Klint site is under construction

dafi | Sun, 2008-01-27 12:20

The uploaded version contains a chrome error, so it installs but doesn't work.

I've fixed the problem and uploaded the new version 1.0.1

Please retry to download and install

again excuse me for inconvenient


Lord_Bad | Wed, 2008-01-30 03:18

I tried the extension again and this time it was working OK. I have some suggestions though. Currently it displays the lint messages only for the current active file. I my opinion it would be helpful if it can combine the messages for all files in the active project or at least all active files(I don't know the details of your implementation, so what I ask for may be hard to achieve)in one place. In large projects there are always many warning emerging now and then and it's nice if one can skim through all of them at once. Also you may add some text to the Type column. For example next to the red icon signifying error you could add the text "Error" of simply copy the first part of the message text, e.g. "Parse error". Things will look a lot cleaner this way and more intuitive. Also - distribute the extension as tar.gz or .zip, because otherwise firefox will think that you want to install some malicious extension to it, instead of simply download the file. This is not an issue for IE users, but I doubt the fact that many of them use Komodo in the first place.

dafi | Thu, 2008-01-31 09:55

Your tips are very interesting.

I'm not sure all is possible but I'll try to do something.
Enhance KomodoEdit with MoreKomodo

Lord_Bad | Fri, 2008-02-01 11:01

I think that the title for the tab "Lint messages" is not the most appropriate one. Perhaps "Lint Report", "KLint Report", "Code Validation", "Syntax Validation", "Code analysis" or "Syntax Analysis" will be more fitting. I personally like best the last two as they are most commonly used in software development tools. In any case you should have all the words in the tab's name capitalized, so that the tab name is consistent with Komodo's tabs naming convention.