installation problems

Posted by onetime on 2007-12-15 20:19
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

I installed wampserver along with ActivePerl on my Windows XP Pro laptop. When I tried to install the Perl DBI module, I got the following error (see attached image):

I looked at the offending file:
c:/wamp/perl/lib/ -- line 1218,1219
'prefix' => 'c:\wamp\perl\',
'privlibexp' => 'c:\wamp\perl\\lib',

I found out that I needed to add another backslash '\' after '...\perl\':
'prefix' => 'c:\wamp\perl\\',
'privlibexp' => 'c:\wamp\perl\\lib',

Retried installing Perl DBI module:
Successfully installed DBI version 1.601 in ActivePerl

Hope this helps anyone else who has hit this same error message.

InstallPerlDBIError.JPG81.79 KB