Install ActivePerl on USB flash-drive?

Posted by BassMan on 2007-09-18 07:37

Is it possible to install ActivePerl on a USB flash-drive? I use portable apps wherever I can, but I've not found any specific instructions/downloads for a "portable PERL".

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2007-09-27 12:03

I have not tried this, but you will have issues with ActivePerl for Windows, as it needs to build registry entries and set Environment Variables. On other platforms, this is controlled on a user-by-user basis, so they are somewhat more "portable" when configured correctly. In general you should expect challenges to arise if you try this.

Chickenhead.Mon... | Tue, 2007-11-06 08:09

I am a consultant who works at several sites and have to lug around my laptop just to be able to use my Komodo. It would be nice to have it on a Thumb-Drive. Unfortunately, I work in Windows environments so I figure there is some registry issues with that as well.

Are there any plans to develop either perl or Komodo for PortableApps?