IDE became very slow in Win98SE

Posted by gtippery on 2007-03-31 15:46

I upgraded Pythonwin to 2.4 on my Thinkpad 600E with Win98Se a couple of weeks ago. Worked fine for several days, then I ran a script which I realized too late would take very long to finish. I couldn't get kill the script, and everything was running very slowly. I used Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del, End Task) to stop the IDE. Now every time I load the IDE, the computer becomes very slow -- it takes half a minute just to switch windows, and that's without any swapping going on.

I've tried uninstalling, redownloading, and reinstalling ActivePython 2.4, but the behaviour persists. The Interactive Shell works fine, but the IDE slows the system to a crawl, even before loading any .py files.

Taskinfo says that pythonwin.exe opens 784 windows and consumes around 65% of user GDI resources as soon as it loads; and it also uses most of the CPU time.

I don't know for sure that the aborted run was the cause; I'd done some registry hacking recently.

1) Does anybody have any ideas what might be wrong, or what to try?

2) When I use the interactive shell to run some scripts I developed in the IDE, it complains about indentation errors on docstrings, that the IDE didn't say anything about. Is this normal?