How to install Strptime

Posted by n770 on 2008-03-09 06:06
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

Brand new install of perl
I use a script runnning ok on a Linux site
want to use it on XP
error message:
Can't locate DateTime/Format/ in @INC (@INC contains: E:/Perl/site/lib E:/Perl/lib .) at line 22.

did run cpan
install DateTime::Format::Strptime
install starts but fails: (see erors below)

Any help ?

... Going to build R/RI/RICKM/DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.0702.tgz

Warning: Prerequisite 'DateTime => 0.1402' for 'R/RI/RICKM/DateTime-Format-Strpt
ime-1.0702.tgz' failed when processing 'D/DR/DROLSKY/DateTime-0.42.tar.gz' with
'make => NO'. Continuing, but chances to succeed are limited.
Der Befehl "nmake" ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder
konnte nicht gefunden werden.
nmake -- NOT OK
Warning (usually harmless): 'YAML' not installed, will not store persistent stat
Running make test
Can't test without successful make
Running make install
Make had returned bad status, install seems impossible
Failed during this command:
DROLSKY/DateTime-0.42.tar.gz : make NO
RICKM/DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.0702.tgz : make NO

stinkingpig | Tue, 2008-03-11 21:15

It's really best to use PPM instead of CPAN with activestate perl on windows.