error with installer bat file

Posted by jpfuntne on 2008-02-08 08:35

I unwound and am trying to run the installer script but get an error:

Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: .) at .\installer.bat line 45.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at .\installer.bat line 45.

Could someone please advise? This seems like a simple problem but I'm virtually lost when it comes to Perl!


jpfuntne | Fri, 2008-02-08 09:13

I downloaded ActivePerl- and it seemed to install without any problems. I think I chose the "AS package" the first time because I misread the abbreviation - I thought it was an "IS package" (InstallShield). Doh.

I guess I would advise other newbies to ignore the zip file. I still don't know what it's for! A comparison of the choices on the download page would be useful. I bet there are people who don't don't know what an MSI file is!